The Fire Child

by S.K. Tremayne

The Fire Child is the second book of Sean Thomas (Tom Knox) writing as S K Tremayne. This, I guess, is to distinguish his new thrillers series, all so far revolving around children that suffered a personal trauma, from his earlier works.

In The Fire Child we meet a similar desolated surrounding as we did in the ICE TWINS; this time a mansion house in Cornwall called Carnhallow, home of David Kerthen a successful Lawyer and a descendant of a long line of English aristocrats, who used to own mines in gloomy Cornwall back in the days when mining there was profitable.
David and his son Jamie had suffered a major tragedy when the wife and mother, Nina, had fallen down a mine shaft on Christmas two years before our story takes place, and died – her body never to be found.
To that scenario enters Rachel Daley – David’s new wife, who is forced to juggle between her new status as the lady of Carnhallow, her loneliness in Cornwall and an impossible grieving step-son who is convinced that his mummy is still alive. Is he right? Is there a ghost dwelling in Carnhallow? or is Rachel, who has a dark past as well, growing slowly insane?

The book is gripping, the writing is flawing and superb as always. The setting is just what a thriller needs, although not much different than the isolated Scottish isle of the ICE TWINS story… The reason this novel got only 3.5 stars for me is the fact that the climax was less than i expected. The answer to the twists and clues in the plot was well.. disappointing, especially after the ICE TWINS’ ending which was so surprising in my opinion. The truth about Rachel (don’t worry no spoiler here) could have been deeper, and even the process of her alleged insanity, was too flat and one dimensional. As if the writer wanted to “wrap things up”.
Still this is a decent read and I’d recommend it. The author is extremely talented, and the desolated England imagery – makes you want to pack up and visit the place he is writing on.