The Ice Twins

by S.K. Tremayne

The Ice Twins is a book that I did not intend to read… I have received it for free from The Times Plus+ book of the month, and since I didn’t have anything to read I went along with the choice. As a father of two the plot summery was enough to unnerve me: Angus and Sarah Moorcraft are mourning the death of their daughter Lydia, an identical twin to their living daughter of 7, Kirsty. To try and recover from this tragedy and due to a financial ordeal, they decide to live on a remote Scottish Island, Which Angus inherited. The twist starts when Kirstie asks “why do you keep calling me Kirstie mummy? I’m Lydia…”
The plot then becomes heavier, as we discover that the relationship between the couple is hardly ideal and that life on the remote Scottish isle is contributing to Kirsty/Lydia’s identity confusion.

The book is written by Sean Thomas, aka Tom Knox, who I guess decided he wanted a new kind of fan base for this triller, otherwise I do not know why use a third pseudonyms… He sets the scene superbly and I especially liked the twist where we hear the story from alternating narrators: Sarah, the mother, who accounts for the story from her own view, whilst when we see things from Angus’ side, it is told by a third omniscient narrator. This little twist is only understood at the end as essential for keeping us readers in the dark.
For me, the novel plunges into disarray when the second half of the story begins. On one side, it’s good that the writer started wrapping thing up on a faster pace because there’s not much more to say, any new fact would have just contributed to the readers perplexity. On the other hand, the story did have a certain pace which is broken when they reach Scotland – it also feels that also the language/writing is inferior to the start of the book.

As a thriller, the Ice Twins does the trick. It’s hard to conceive of the truth and only when we read the (too short) conclusion does things start to make sense. I Did enjoy the book profoundly and finished it within a few days, as the story as a whole is very good. Highly recommended to creepy mysteries lovers, maybe less for stormy nights 🙂