Defender (The Voices #1)

by G.X. Todd

A few words about the plot of this book:
the novel takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in which self-aware voices have manifested inside most of the population’s heads, causing the vast majority of humans to go insane and to commit suicide. This world is one of anarchy and chaos: no government, no electricity, no facilities and no gas, just relics of old cities in ruins and the occasional vehicle or food scavenged. Literally the end of human civilization as we know it.
In this world, a stranger called Pilgrim agrees to give a young girl a ride, Lacey, set out to try and find her sister and her daughter, in Vicksburg.
They will be passing through the remnant of the world as we know it, in which the game is ‘survival of the fittest’. They face a gang led by vicious man, in the shadow of an urban myth of a flitting man who’s rounding up the remaining people “who hear”. Oh, and the mysterious biker Pilgrim hears one of these voices, who he refers to as “Voice” himself.I enjoyed “Defender”. For starts it’s not another “zombie book” but portrays a truly different take on the apocalypse. Second, behind the gory scenes, the characters are believable and their interrelations are sincere and interesting. I especially liked the relationship between Pilgrim and witty ‘Voice’
The book painted a universe that would raise many more questions, which were not answered throughout the story line, heck – half way through you realize that these questions will never be answered in the limits of this novel’s length, and for me that somewhat diminished the experience. The story is good, but the loose ends are being tied up in a hurry, and the plot line is left with an elaborated groundwork for a second book and possible a saga. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – but I craved more from the current novel. Practice what you preach and worry about the future later 😉

A rightful 4 stars though, with a nice and accurate writing, not too heavy on the gory descriptions, and an overall good scene-setting. Very good job for a debut novel.