Hi all, Mobi is a very popular file format for books. If you have a Kindle device you don’t have to read only Amazon purchased books but your can download or send a book to your Kindle.

IF you connect your Kindle to your PC, then you simply “drag and drop” the .mobi file. In this page I will explain how to do this without the need to hook up your device physically.


The cable free method:

This is the way to send a .mobi file to your Kindle. Every Kindle has an email addres @kindle.com. You simply have to find that out and make sure that the email from which the book is sent, is marked safe in your amazon Kindle page.
1. Go to your Amazon site and scroll to Your Account > Manage Your Content and Devices

2. Discover your Kindle email address: 
Click on “Settings” tab
Scroll down to Personal Documents Settings.
Here you will see all your Kindle Devices and their email address

3. Add email to the safe list
Scrolling farther down there’s a list of “Safe Emails” that can send your Kindle books, documents and anything readable. Below your can add email addresses by clicking on “Add a new approved e-mail address“. Make sure to add only email addresses you know and trust!

We suggest adding your own email as well as admin@BookGobbler.com

4. Archieving Option
If you want the Book to appear in your Kindle library (recommended) we suggest Enabling this option (Just above the safe email list)

5. Finished! Now Every attachment sent from us or yourself will appear like magic in your Kindle device.

Thanks for reading!