Book Review – The Redcroft Journals: The Missing Journal

by KY Eden

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Reviewed by Julia Wilson


The Redcroft Journals: The Missing Journal by K.Y. Eden is the first book in a thrilling new YA fantasy series. I am much older but I really enjoyed it, getting caught up in the action from the start.

Inheriting a house from an elderly neighbour means a pair of teenagers get far more than they bargained for. Bound together, the pair must right the wrongs of the past, searching for clues and artefacts along the way.

The novel shows that life is a spiritual battle that we do not understand. The realms are easy to tap into if you know what you are doing. There are good spirits and bad demons. The clue is knowing who to trust.

I am not usually drawn to fantasy novels but this is a real cracker. I read it, totally engrossed in the action and cannot wait for the second book. The ending is perfectly poised to continue the tale.

The characters are well drawn, realistic and likable. The reader wants them to succeed in their task and ‘feels’ bound to them in their quest.

The Missing Journal has an unusual plotline that gripped me from the start. I cannot wait to read the subsequent books.

I received this book for free. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own

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Reviewed by Rodney Strong

Nice set-up for future books and an enjoyable read!

When old man Bernie Watts dies he leaves more than just his physical possessions to village children Zak and Natalie. He also leaves a mystery that involves time travel, other realms, missing journals, and monsters.

Over the course of the book more questions are raised than answered for the two main characters, which nicely sets it up for future books. Zak and Natalie are well defined, as is the village and its other inhabitants. Zak’s family, including the annoying older brother Adam, will be very familiar to a lot of readers, in particular the bickering that’s common between siblings.

I enjoyed the story, and the world the author has created. However it felt like the book could have benefited from a good edit as there are some formatting issues, and patches where sentence structure could have been tightened.

All in all though, an enjoyable read.