Book Review – Troy’s Possibilities: Nothing Is Straightforward When Anything Is Possible

by Rodney Strong

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Book Review by Joni Dee

Ah! So Many Possibilities!

When I picked up “Troy’s Possibilities” I didn’t know what to expect. I knew it was written by an unknown author, his debut novel, with a blurry description. Is it sci-fi? Drama? General fiction?

I don’t regret giving this book a chance, I have found a profound drama, which leaves you thinking deeply about the meaning of things and your own course of life. However, even after reading it – I can’t seem to be able to label it, which is maybe a good thing, but sadly may get other people to ignore it.

The idea in the heart of the novel is not original, we have seen it on the silver screen with “Sliding Doors”, “The Butterfly Effect” and even old “Groundhog day”. Although the way it’s manifested in Troy’s Possibilities is quite unique:

Troy gets to live choices he had made as alternative routes for his life. The problem is that he can’t control it. In fact, in a sense it controls him: he could be living a full life of years and years, not knowing if it’s real life or a “possibility” that will end with him blinking back to 2016, when he is in his early thirties. While it can be a blessing, Troy’s mentions numerous times that when you get this “do-over” you cannot control what the other person does, so even if you do everything right, and the other person chose differently – the future would be different. A good thing if the love of your life vanishes to Australia in a possibility; a bad thing if you are married to your high school sweetheart with a child and poof you are whisked back to your parents’ house when you’re fifteen, only now she doesn’t feel the same.

There’s one constant that seems to return to Troy’s existent, in whichever possibility he is, and that’s Cat. Is she for real? Is she part of a bigger scheme that the universe holds for Troy? Is she the sun for his moonlike measurable existence? And if so, why is it so darn complicated?

Again, I enjoyed “Troy’s Possibilities” and the idea that stood behind it. It doesn’t lack problems though: at times I wasn’t sure whether the author himself got confused from what’s real and what was just a possibility, referring to things that should not have happened. Also, the multiple futures Troy had, in which he lived a full life – weren’t convincing enough, at least not as much as the shorter scenarios that took hours or weeks. Moreover, while I was hooked in fully in the first third of the book, I felt like it lost momentum as the storyline dragged on, to a somewhat predictable ending.

Having said all the above I liked the clues that the author planted towards the conclusion, I liked the characters – they were very complex and I could easily identified with Troy, and I liked the rich world of metaphors and language. “A thousand quips formed and died on my lips” thinks the protagonist and I couldn’t identify more, being an aspiring author myself.

I also liked a cute recurring scene where Troy helps this old couple chose something, between the husband’s choice and the wife’s, I found it a playful way of demonstrating Troy’s problem that each “future” can turn differently if one person chooses a bit differently.

For a debut novel, Strong has done a good job, and while it doesn’t lack issues it is a good read that will live you thinking. Hence why I decided to rate this book 4 stars, and to recommend it.

Britanny's Pages Book Review by Brittany

Wonderful story of hope and love

Wow. All I can say is wow. When I got this book, I was not expecting the epic tale that would I would be taking. I’m still sitting around just thinking about the whole book and having a difficult time writing this review.

Troy’s Possibilities is the story of Troy, a man in his early twenties working at a bank and spending his time with his flatmate Emily. He keeps to himself, no matter how Emily tries to push him out into the world to start living. But Troy is haunted. His life is interrupted by possibilities. These possibilities happen in the blink of an eye, Troy has lived hundreds of lives all with different outcomes. Troy is trapped by his ability and unable to really live life. Until Cat knocks on the front door and everything changes.

I really cannot express how much I really loved this book. It has so many good themes and elements. It was written beautifully and the story really flowed.

Troy’s Possibilities is a story about life. Troy has the ability to see how life MIGHT turn out. Unfortunately, it’s not the future. Each possibility is based on Troy’s decisions and the decisions of other people. He might save someone in one possibility, but in reality that person decided not to go to the same place Troy was. Life does have a lot to do with your own, personal decisions, but at the same time other people’s decisions affect you.

It’s a story about family. Because of everything Troy has seen, it negatively affects his relationship with his mother. Troy loves her so much, but he’s seen her suffer in so many possibilities. His dad has a hard time accepting this ability, and writes Troy off as mental. It’s sad to see his parental relationship crumble. Emily is Troy’s roommate and best friend since forever. She acts like a sister to him and tries to get him to live life.

It’s a story about love. Love has so many different possibilities. There are so many decisions and outcomes that could happen in a love story. But when you fall in love, it’s not only destiny, it’s also hope.

Troy’s Possibilities has filled my soul with hope. Definitely a book that has made me pause and reflect on all the possibilities not just in my past, but my future as well.

Troy’s Possibilities gets 4.5 stars.

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