Angelos Odyssey: Volume One by J.B.M. Patrick

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fantasy / Sci-Fi


The year is 3200, and the world’s greatest assassin has yet to leave his mark on a society ravaged by malevolent gods, demons, and countless beasts…

This is the story of Tavon, an orphan who rose above his origins as another gang member running the streets of the massive Citadel. He watched the ones closest to him depart this life due to violent gunfights, drug abuse, and constant territorial disputes. But he triumphed over darkness, embracing it and using it as a weapon to join the most famous assassination association in the universe.

His companions include: Brock, a veteran who pursues a flailing career as a paramedic while battling PTSD; Silo, an android who disguised his true nature and is now the playboy CEO of a flourishing social media company; Raiko, a young boy surviving in the Citadel Prison while receiving genetic enhancements; and Aaliyah, the Citadel’s most brilliant and effective Bureau Detective.

This is the story of awakening, of transcendence.


Author’s message:

Angelos Odyssey has been edited and revised for three years. It’s on Kindle and B&N as well, but I’m trying to keep it free for the readers public for as long as I can! Thanks for asking it !


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