Book Review – Black Lord of Eagles

by Ben Blake

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Book Review by Rodney Strong

The Ashir are a comfortable people, confident in their history, structured in their society, and most of all absolutely sure they are the only people.  Until the Thrain cross the Ashir’s borders, and everything they thought they knew is turned upside down.  The Thrain have a mission, and it’s not peaceful.

The Ashir’s one hope is the Kai.  Kai is the Kamachi, chosen servant of the god Viraca, but to save his people he must overcome his own doubts.

Ben Blake has done an outstanding job of creating the world his characters inhabit.  There are clear historical correlations between the simple Ashir who worship many gods and place no value in gold and the Aztecs, while the more technologically advanced Thrain stand in nicely for the Spanish.  That’s not to say this is a historical tale, it is definitely fantasy.  For me it felt like an early Raymond E Feist book, with the expansive world.

I did wonder about the need to include magic in the book, it’s a minor thing, but the tale would have worked just as well without it and the inclusion of a magician seemed a little forced.

There were a few places where long descriptive passages slowed down the action, which was distracting for the reader, but again these were minor over.  The other very minor thing is that the book was clearly written as part of a series, and was left on a cliffhanger ending.  While this keeps readers interested for future books, a slight tweak could have concluded the book while still leaving things open.

A great read and I look forward to reading more from this author.