Book Review – West Running Wild (West Series Book 1)

by Gem Stone

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Book Review by Josh Grant
Diabolic Shrimp Reviewer

Lions and tigers and…love interests? Oh my.

West Running Wild by Gem Stone is your typical ‘boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy has to take care of a billion animals’ story.  Marcus is smarmy and self centered (and a little bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to nonhumans). Cathy is a strong willed woman with a big heart. When Marcus’ father dies and leaves him the company (with a creative and fun catch), it sets the two of them on a crash course towards each other.

I love Stone’s humor and her diverse sprawl of characters.  There wasn’t a chapter where I didn’t smirk at least a little.  Her writing flows well and the dialogue is excellent.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but relate a bit with Marcus (I’m not exactly a huge animal lover myself).  It was fun to watch the journey both characters took and there were some very heartwarming moments.

I don’t typically get into romance, so this was a fun step into a new genre for me.  It’s a feel good tale of trouble and triumph great for any romantic comedy lover in the room.  Bonus points if you just happen to love animals.

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