Book Review – Heirs of Power

by Kay Macleod

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Not an easy task when their number includes an eleven year old …

Kitty is busy organising her wedding when she is suddenly thrust into a world she is unprepared for, and one that may get her killed. It turns out her father was a Constellation, one of nine infused with special abilities to protect the world from invasion. Only now those abilities have come to her and Kitty is woefully unready for the journey ahead.

Along the way she meets several of the other Constellations and together they must work to prevent the end of the world as they know it, not an easy task when their number includes an eleven year old girl, and a teenage swordsman who’s never picked up a sword in her life.

Heirs of Power is a fantasy novel set in its own richly populated world. The characters are well described, if not a little cliched, and the action sequences are nicely done with just the right amount of blood and guts to excite most readers without being graphic.

Kay MacLeod has done a good job building her world, the story flows relatively well, although it does become repetitive at times (it seems everyone they meet is out to kill them which leads to another fight). The author has a slightly annoying habit of referring to her characters by multiple names on the same page, Kitty is also The Archer, Serena is also the noblewoman and The Dancer. This makes it seems sometimes like they are separate characters and prevents the reader from really following the flow of the conversation.

The book is labelled as Book 1, which means there will be more, which is a good thing. But knowing it wasn’t going to have a natural conclusion lessened the desire to get to the end, because it’s not really the end.

There are also some instances which jar you out of the world and into ours, a few modern phrases, and Kitty wearing bunny slippers seemed completely out of sync.

It was a good first book and hopefully there will be more. It’s just the small things that prevent it getting a better rating from me.