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by William R Pope

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memoir / biography


An experiment at being honest is this book. While names have been changed to protect the innocent, all stories are true. The book starts at the beginning and continues chronologically, highlighting parts of Bill Pope’s life chosen for their narrative characteristics. Bill attempts to examine and satirize important transitional periods—from his humble beginnings growing up in Bridgewater, happy in his own simplistic world, to moving to his grandparents Orville home where he struggled to contend with the realities of his own limitations and a childhood friend that sporadically appears to get him into trouble.

Mixed in with humorous puns and storytelling, is a revealing glimpse into Bill’s thoughts on love, relationships, sex, ambition and music. If there was ever a book that attempted to examine the human condition of an average person’s life in interesting and surprising ways, this book is it.


Message from the author:

I like fiction with the best of them. But I can’t lie, some of my favorite movies and books of all times have been based on a true story. I realize these dramatizations are largely BS. And if it’s the haunting series, all BS. But still, I’m captivated by the fact that at least some of what I’m reading or watching actually happened. Thank you to all that chose my book to review.




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