In order to reward our regular reviewers, we’ve decided to give out special achievement badges to readers who constantly review books on BookGobbler, and help our authors get the exposure they deserve.

There are currently 4 tiers of badges:

  1. A Gobbler – to each and every one of you who reviewed a book which featured on BookGobbler (posted on Amazon or Goodread).
    simply embed this code to display the badge on your blog/goodreads profile page:

    Small size:
    <img src=”” width=175 height=175 alt=”I’m a Gobbler”>
    Regular size:
    <img src=”” width=312 height=312 alt=”I’m a Gobbler”>
  2. BG Reviewer – if you reviewed 5 titles, you’ll be getting a link from us to embed this coveted badge.
  3. Top Reviewer – reviewers of 5 titles and more, who had one review published on
  4. PRO Gobbler – professional reviewer, whose reviews regularly feature on, and has his own avatar!

Email if you think you’ve earned one of these and we missed you!

BookGobbler Badges