Book Review – Sacrificial Lam

by Gary Guinn

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Reviewed by Stephen Bentley

A Good Read!

Thoroughly enjoyed Sacrificial Lam by Gary Guinn. He certainly knows how to write suspense. I know it’s a cliché but this really was a “page-turner.”
Reminded me of John Grisham and James Patterson.
 What, for me, makes it a slightly unusual thriller is the setting – academia. The plot is set almost entirely on campus. It is where the protagonist, Dr. Lam Corso, is employed as a professor. It becomes clear early in the book that someone is threatening him and his family because of his liberal beliefs. The question of who that someone is remains almost to the very end, when the identity of Corso’s antagonist is revealed.
The storyline captures the zeitgeist of modern America in depicting an essential conflict between those with far right leanings and the liberal thinkers. The author deals with all of that in a thoughtful, stylish way without resort to any kind of tub-thumping. He also skilfully deals with issues surrounding the Second Amendment but in such a way as to weave it into the story without overt politicization. 

Guinn’s writing style smoothly takes the reader along on interesting journey. At times, the author over indulges on the literary references sprinkled throughout the book which became a little irritating as it appears he is trying to “show off” somewhat. Apart from that, and one plot twist involving police procedure, nothing in this book grated upon me.

The characters are real and the pacing is just so. Once I made a start I simply had to finish it.
A good and even a great read!

The Reviewer is the Author of “Who the F*ck Am I?” and a former undercover cop 


Reviewed by Rodney Strong

I Look Forward to Seeing What Else Gary Guinn produces.

Professor Lam Corso is a liberal teacher at a conservative university.  His views can often lead to conflict with students, teachers, and parents.  But when he gets a death threat he dismisses it as a prank from a colleague. As it turns out it is a big mistake, as things quickly escalate and he finds not only his life in danger, but the lives of his family.

About halfway through this book I found myself getting frustrated with Lam’s apathy towards the threats, and that’s when I realised that Gary had done his job right.  I was drawn into the world he had created, so job well done.

The book mostly flows really well and there are some very descriptive well written pieces.  The plot, although nothing terribly new, moves along at a nice pace and there is certainly no chance of getting bored by the story.

Sometimes the descriptive pieces came at the wrong time.  The author tends to have his characters conduct internal monologues right in the middle of a tense action piece, which is distracting and unnecessary.

I don’t want to go too much into the story as that will contain spoilers, but I wasn’t overly convinced by the antagonists reasons for targeting Lam in particular, and there were some confusing motivations from other characters as well. I live in a country where there aren’t a lot of guns, so it didn’t seem natural to me that a clearly anti-gun character would think of buying a gun as the first line of defence, but perhaps that’s simply a cultural difference.

All in all, an enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing what else the author produces.

4 stars out of 5

The Reviewer is the Author of Troy’s Possibilities


Reviewed by Julia Wilson

Whom To Trust?

Sacrificial Lam by Gary Guinn is an edge of your seat contemporary thriller. It will have you hooked and guessing from the start as you become absorbed in the action.

The reader ‘feels’ the threat and danger that lurks around every corner. “A part of him was afraid of everyone.” We suspect most characters until the culprit is revealed.

There are themes of loyalty and family. Family is everything. A mother’s love and instinct to protect means she will do anything for her young… even if it means sacrificing her principles.

Family loyalty may become warped over the years. Impotence to act in the past may influence behaviour in the present.

The novel has religious intolerance and behaviour that will incite hatred. God is a God of love. To use His name to incite hatred is the complete opposite of all that God stands for. “Religious intolerance and extremism… It was the reason she stopped going to church.” Churches should be a place of safety not a place where people in positions of influence abuse the trust of others.

There is a vast difference between standing up for what you believe and abusing your position. We must be people of principle but we must not be people inciting hatred of others.

Sacrificial Lam was a nail biting thriller. It was a compulsive read that had me hooked, guessing and following red herrings at times. A read to be read with the lights on and the doors locked.

I received this book for free from The Book Gobbler. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.

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