Book Review – For Cats’ Eyes Only

by Olli Tooley

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 Joni Dee
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Book Review by Joni Dee

Two paws up! Great witty book for bedtime

I must confess, this is my first ever attempt to review a children’s book. While the basis for comparison (for me) is very much available across many children’s books of various genres: classics such as “The Cat in the Hat”, Disney princesses, educational, books aimed to induce sleep and more, the question remains what are you looking for in a children’s novel, to start with.
While Disney princesses may be good to calm the toddler, and old Dr Seuss appeals more to the parent, I tend to look for the balance between the two approaches. You can only read Cinderella a handful of times before you start imagining the pumpkin-carriage get squashed on the way to the palace, and at the same time Thing Two and Thing One are long dusted and done. When referring to children’s media across the board, one can only be grateful to Peppa Pig‘s creator for introducing subtle jokes, which will go over the child’s head but will get the adult to chuckle. But when your choice of literature is ‘Daddy Pig’s day off’, then Houston you have a problem.
If you dismiss my wife’s claims that I am an infantile – then like me you might be looking for a bedtime story which will keep you interested as well as maintaining a level of sophistication, that can  teach the toddler a thing or two about life. And this is exactly what Olli Tooley does (albeit he exclaims straight off the bat, that he is not looking to educate us). This is a fantastic read, which I enjoyed very much with my little girl.

Felix the cat is an undercover agent, who is in hot pursuit of his arch-nemesis Swifty the tortoise, who naturally gets away without a trace. I don’t want to give up any more spoilers, as I can see through my telescreen that you’re biting your toenails. The book introduces the world of grown-up thrillers to kids, using the same jargon you would find in an everyday spy thriller, but keeping it simple and identifiable. For a thriller author like myself, this was a welcome approach. 
While I have to admit that my four year old didn’t completely understand the sarcastic tone, she was still very much fascinated to the story, and yes – dads are allowed to have fun too!”For Cats’ Eyes Only” is a much recommended read, especially if the old Disney books simply make you yawn. So if you want to zest-up bedtime story and help your kid develops a sense of humors – just say yes to Felix.* I also liked the initiative of this book given to kids 4-11 in Devon, I wish we had initiative like these here in London! Two paws up!