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by Dale E Lehman

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Reviewed by Julia Wilson

Three Musketeers

True Death by Dale E Lehman is a marvellous contemporary murder thriller. It is the second book in the Howard County Mystery series but could be read as a stand-alone. I would, however, recommend reading book one, The Fibonacci Murders, first as this story follows straight on from that, being set just a few weeks later.

The plotline was intricately constructed and grabbed my attention from the start. I immediately became engrossed in the action and remained glued to the end. The story alternated between present day and the past, which set the scene for the action to come.
In True Death the reader hears the back story of the main characters. They are more than just detectives, they are ‘real’ people who have loved and lost. The three detectives reminded me of the three musketeers, with the police chief as D’Artagnan. Their loyalty to each other and their fight for justice was admirable.

There was an unknown voice that drew the reader in. I was asking questions – who is this? What have they done?
A cold case collides with present day crimes in the novel. The reader is intrigued and wonders if there is any connection? Or just coincidence?
The story has the themes of regret and revenge. Both have the power to destroy from the inside out.
A theme with far greater power than regret and revenge, is that of forgiveness. Forgiveness frees us from the past, enabling us to step into the future. Without forgiveness, we can become trapped in a prison of bitterness.
Faith in God was a theme that bubbled away beneath the surface. Sometimes life events mean we wander away from God. When life makes no sense or little sense, we realise our need for God and find ourselves returning to Him. God is the God of restoration and new beginnings. We can lean on Him in any storm.
The criminal underworld features. Dale Lehman has constructed an intricate story that has the reader guessing and trying to join the dots from the start.
Dale Lehman is a new author to me and I cannot get enough of his books – fabulous, clean murder mysteries that have me hanging on his every word. I do hope there is a book three.
I received this book for free from The Book Gobbler. A favourable review was not required and all views expressed are my own.

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Reviewed by Rodney Strong

The 2nd Book in the Howard Country Mysteries Series…

True Death is the second in the Howard County Mysteries, after The Fibonacci Murders.  In this book the main characters are still dealing with the aftermath of the Fibonacci Murders, and their desire to move on is temporarily thwarted by a writer, who desperately wants them to talk about their experiences so he can write a book at it.  Rick Peller is the only one who escapes this scrutiny as he leaves for a long overdue vacation to visit his son.

Meanwhile the other detectives are caught up in a car theft ring, that may or may not hold the key to the death of Rick Peller’s wife in a car accident years ago.

The main concern I had with this book was character motivations and lack of follow through on set up. Detective Dumas has a subplot relating to his Uncle and running away from family that doesn’t pay off.  Peller is told while on holiday that his wife was deliberately targeted for death, and instead of jumping on a plane to go home and help out, he stays on holiday.
Then there are a lot of flashbacks showing how Rick and his wife Sandra met and their early life together, but halfway through the book these just peter out for no real reason.

All of these are just frustrating and serve to distract from the main story.  It means that for me this wasn’t as strong as the first book in the Howard County Mysteries.  3/5 stars.

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