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by Dale & Kathleen Lehman

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Thriller / Mystery


The forecast: Record cold. The crimes: Colder still.

Case #1: Hardworking veterinary technician Jayvon Fletcher was honest, friendly, and without an enemy in the world. But two Christmas Eves ago, while covering the night shift, he vanished, leaving behind only a broken window and smears of blood on the clinic’s back steps. Now Detective Lieutenant Rick Peller is asked to take another look at the case, although he doubts that he can shed light on the young man’s fate.

Case #2: Detective Sergeant Corina Montufar puzzles over a fire in an exclusive area. The details are familiar—two other houses burned the previous year in exactly the same way. But the arsonist was already in prison when this new crime occurred. Is this a copycat crime, or is the real culprit still at large?

Case #3: It’s only mid-January, and already Detective Sergeant Eric Dumas is staring at Howard County’s first murder victim of the year. Michio Tamai kept an address book overflowing with criminal cohorts. But even his friends were his victims. Not one of them is sorry he’s dead.

While temperatures plummet, cold cases collide with new crimes, and somewhere a killer with blood as icy as the waters of the bay watches and waits.

Message from the author:

“Ice on the Bay” is the third book in my Howard County Mystery series. This giveaway is for the ARC edition. Some editing is still in progress. The book is scheduled for release on February 26, 2018. The first two books in the series, “The Fibonacci Murders” and “True Death,” were previously available on Book Gobbler. Visit my author website to subscribe to my newsletter, or follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Thank you!




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