Book Review – Children of The Wise Oak

by Oliver J. Tooley

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 Joni Dee
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Book Review by Joni Dee

An Epic Magical Journey with refined Historical accuracy

“Children of the Wise Oak” is an epic journey written in a magical world where the Celtic-Roman era meets magic and mythology.
Blyth and his younger brothers live in a remote Celtic village, in a lifestyle and surrounding of harsh survival where the tribe is put above all. When his father returns from distant lands, with apocalyptic prophecies that involves the newly formed Roman Republic – they are forced to flee from home. Guided by Gwenn, a powerful mage who knew their father, their journey leads them across the continent straight to the heart of the Roman Republic. They learn magic and shapeshifting, they come across new people and cultures and they learn to admire the amazing Roman architecture which is a million light years advance from anything they ever knew.This book is the first in the “Wise Oak” series, the second just published under the name “Women of the Wise Oak”.
Those of you who know me, know that I don’t tend to read fantasy, left alone YA oriented. However,this book excited me a lot. The historical accuracy is so refined that I almost forgot about the magical elements in the novel. In a sense – it can get teenagers to relate to historical event and would be appealing to mature readers with Tooley’s great figurative language and carrying imagery.
I’ve already bought the sequel and looking foward to seeing what Tooley has in mind for his alternative universe, Julius Caesar and the Wise Oak “family”.