Book Review – Final Notice

by Van Fleisher

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A Solidly Written Book that Just wasn’t Thrilling enough for me

“A new smart watch has the ability to predict how long someone has to live, sending them a “Final Notice” to get their affairs in order.  Everyone reacts differently, but in some cases, getting their affairs in order means picking up a gun and killing other people, or themselves.

Final Notice is billed as a political thriller, which is the biggest issue I had with the story.  When I hear the description “thriller” I assume edge of the seat, lots of action and suspense.  Unfortunately Final Notice didn’t have any of those things.  It was a solidly written book, but in my opinion definitely not a thriller. Making the company manufacturing the watches, cooperative and the good guys really took away a prime opportunity for conflict.

There were some nicely written passages, and I particularly liked the relationship between Vince and Trudi, and really liked the nice little twist from Trudi at the end.  However there were too many characters introduced, and most of them were superfluous to the story, even the FBI agent seemed to have little to do, and didn’t add any tension to the plot at all.

The author fell right into the trap of telling rather than showing readers, and there was quite a bit of over writing in places. Also the author took readers out of the story at times by adding little notes from the author into the text, which were distracting and unnecessary.

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