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by Diana Rubino

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When actor John Wilkes Booth, under the guise of seeking spiritual advice, visits the President’s medium to gather information about Lincoln’s habits in order to kidnap him, a malevolent spirit begins to haunt and torment him, driving him to the brink of insanity. A mysterious coin also appears out of nowhere, and returns every time Booth tries to discard it. Each return of the bloodthirsty Roman coin brings terrifying events and eerie hauntings. In the midst of these strange visitations, Booth falls in love with Alice Grey, a beautiful actress who’s hired by the government to spy on him. Will her love for Booth win out over her duty to protect the President from assassination?

Message from the author:

I’m a Lincoln buff since childhood, and had a great time researching Booth’s insane plot to kill Lincoln. I hope you enjoy it too!




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