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by Cyana Gaffney

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Christian Fiction , thriller


Devastated by events in her life, Haily Pearson decides to leave early to surprise a friend in Saudi Arabia. But by not telling anyone she’s changed her plans… no one knows that everything has gone horribly wrong. Weeks later, when Ryan Foster calls to check in on her, he is terrified to learn that Hailey never arrived. If she’s not with Anna, then where is she? Hailey’s story will pull you in. Gripping each page for more details, you will wonder if hope can be found. In her story, and in ours, light, sometimes, may only be found in the darkest places.

Author’s message:

I can’t wait for you all to read VEILED. It is a timely story filled with suspense and intrigue – you’ll have a hard time putting it down. Be sure to check out the sequel on my website!

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