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A NECESSARY END, The Act of a Desperate Rebel

by Diana Rubino

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Rodney Strong
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An Entertaining, if Slightly too Long, Book.  Would Look for Other Work by Ms. Rubino

“A Necessary End” re-imagines the events leading up to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth, told from the assassins point of view.  Throw in some supernatural elements and great attention to detail of living during those times and you get an entertaining, if slightly too long, book.

The author has obviously done her homework when it comes to creating an authentic world.  The detail is superb and the readers get a  clear sense of the conflict between the Confederate and Union sides of the civil war.  John Wilkes Booth is both a compassionate, and ruthless man who is driven to take action against an unjust president who breaks a promise to spare the life of a friend.  Over the course of the book he forms conspiracies, even while there are those that conspire against him.  At the same time he is haunted by a spirit, and this increasingly directs his actions.

This is a long book, and at times I felt frustrated at all the sub plots and, how all the female characters swooned over Booth.  It became a little repetitive, especially as the book progressed.  It felt like twenty pages could have been knocked off the total and we still would have had the essential story and characters.

It’s these little frustrations that stopped me from getting completely immersed in the book, and therefore giving it a 5 star rating.

Having said that, I was overall entertained by the book, and would look for other work by the same author.

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