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by Rodney Strong

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How do you get rid of a hitchhiker when it’s riding around in your head?

Oliver Atkinson’s life is busy enough. He’s already got his hands full trying to write a book, look after the kids, do the housework, and ignore Amanda, the beautiful con artist that keeps trying to drag him into her world of stolen paintings. The last thing he needs is the disgruntled spirit of a twenty something old watching and commentating on his life.

It’s not been a regular week, but one thing has become painfully clear to Oliver. No one is going anywhere until they get what they want. He has to step outside his comfort zone and deal with liars, thieves, thugs, and little old ladies. Not to mention the determined detective and a possible murderer.

Can he do all this and be done in time to do the school pick up?

If you like your mysteries with humor and a little supernatural element, then you’ll love the new Hitchhiker series, by New Zealand author Rodney Strong.

Author’s Message:

Hi everyone, I hope you enjoy the first book in my exciting new series of cozy murder mysteries.
Thanks for taking the time to read and review it.


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