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by Christopher Walker

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Fantasy, Science fiction


‘The Amnesiac and Other Stories’ is a collection of thirteen stories, covering genres from literary fiction to fantasy by way of science-fiction and a touch of horror. For example, in the titular story a young man wakes from an accident and is haunted by nightmares he cannot escape; in ‘Freud in Cardiff’ the famous psychoanalyst moves to Wales, wreaking havoc on the locals; and in ‘The Chameleon’s Blush’ a superhero discovers that there are greater foes to fight than arch-nemeses.

Message from the author:

Hello all! ‘The Amnesiac and Other Stories’ is my third book of fiction, and my second collection of short stories. I’m hoping there’s something here for everyone, though as they say it’s impossible to please all of the people all of the time. I’m still something of a novice writer, which is why I’m giving this book away – right now, honest feedback from people who love books is far more important to me than sales. If you have time, please read this collection and let me know on Amazon if you think it’s any good. Hate it? Then give me a one-star review – but most crucially, offer your thoughts so that I can continue to improve. Thank you one and all!




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