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No More Heroes

by Roo I. MacLeod

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Rodney Strong
Fiction Author


Book Review by Rodney Strong

Difficult to get into but picks up the pace nicely…

No More Hereos is a dystopian thriller set in some unknown time where society is governed by the Man, and various factions fight against each other. In the middle of all this is Ben, the protagonist who really just wants to keep his head down and drift through life. He’s run away from the draft, not interested in fighting in the Man’s war, and now dodges the Army, amongst others. His life is drinking and smoking and hanging out with friends. Until one day an old friend shows up asking him to deliver a bag to his mother for him. Before Ben can answer chaos erupts and the friend is killed and the bag disappears. The only trouble is alot of people seem to think Ben still has the bag. And thus the plot develops.

I liked the character of Ben. At first he seems a little one dimensional, but as the book goes on we begin to see different deeps to his personality. Likewise some of the secondary characters are well formed and in varying stages of likeability (You’re not supposed to like them all, which means the author has done their job right).

The plot does wear thin in spots and there are some scenes that seem to be there for padding, not really adding to the main story, but the description of the action is done well, and there’s plenty of it.

I did find the first 40-50 pages difficult to get into though. There was a lot of overwriting in the beginning, with almost wall to wall adjectives for a bit. However the author settled into their work nicely, and the story really started to flow.

I would read more work from this author, and the ending of the book sets up a sequel, so it will be interesting to see where Ben goes next.

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