Book Review – Elemental Claim

by Miranda Grant

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 Bob Young
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“Elemental Claim” is an exciting romance

Miranda Grant does a marvelous job with this paranormal romance creating a world on several planes of existence. For a writer of historical and futuristic romance, reading a PNR was refreshing and a joy. She slowly brings a rookie to the genre along as the planes revealed make themselves known. After all, twenty-year old Emma, Miranda’s heroine starts the book as a waitress on the earthly plane. Her life is immediately turned upside down when a kidnapper takes her out of her quite boring life.

The author takes us along for the ride as Emma discovers what is happening to her. I was pleased that Miranda took some time to help first time paranormal readers get a grip on the forces displayed in the book. These moments of description are just enough as the book suddenly erupts in vivid action. Other characters, such as ones in the kidnapper’s team, are carefully described and their powers outlined setting up action sequences as the book proceeds.

All in all, “Elemental Claim” is an exciting romance, I recommend to everyone. The best news is that Miranda includes an excerpt to her next book in this volume.

The reviewer is the author of “Mason’s Taxi of Love




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