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by John Murzycki

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Elthea’s Realm is an enchanted world where stunning beauty exists next to deadly evil. The story begins in Boston, where once close friends, united by a college course called The Utopia Project, find themselves pursued by an unknown force. When the pursuit turns violent, an explosion knocks them senseless, and they awake in an unrecognizable land with islands situated high above the ocean, supported by a thin foundation, and stars that float down from the night sky to bestow a rare gift.

They are befriended by a race called the Astari, beings with roots in Earth’s software. The ones who pursued them are known as Bots, creatures fashioned from Earth’s malware and virus programs, only now they have a physical form, and they continue to hunt the members of The Utopia Project in this new land. Will the friendship they once shared now be enough to save them?

Author’s Message:

Elthea’s Realm is Book One in a new fantasy series. I hope you enjoy and thnaks for reading!


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