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by Pete Planisek

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Rodney Strong
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A Nicely Written Story

It’s always tricky to take a well known literary world and expand on it.  In this case the world, as the title suggestions, is that of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

In this book, the family Frankenstein faces new challenges, as well as the possible return of the demon that Victor Frankenstein created.

The story generally flows well, although it does get bogged down in patches.  The writing is very good, and captures the period perfectly, and the world Planisek has created is fleshed out nicely.

There were some minor issues with formatting of the epub version I received which made following the constant chopping between POV difficult to follow, and the introduction of characters only to not see them again for some time, does make things stutter a bit.

Overall though a nicely written story.  4/5 Stars.

The Reviewer is the Author of “Troy’s Possibilities” and “Murder in Paint

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