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by Brian D Howard

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Science Fiction, Action and Adventure 


A secret lab is abducting the homeless for experiments, the few who survive gain super powers or become monsters.

Oliver Stewart was a software engineer before watching his fiancee waste away of cancer. His grief drove a string of bad decisions: Drug addiction, losing his job, losing his home. Now he just wants to be left alone, surviving day to day on the streets, just another of the invisible homeless.

He never expected to be kidnapped and experimented on, wake up in a mass grave, left for dead as a failed experiment. Except it wasn’t a failure. Now he can control electricity.

But when the two teenage girls he feels most responsible for are taken he can’t stand by anymore. Everybody has to draw a line somewhere…

Rectifier – The Electric Man is a gritty, street-level, urban superhero adventure fans of Marvel or DC comics shouldn’t miss.


Message from the author:

Rectifier – The Electric Man is my second superhero novel. My first, Simon Rising, introduces a telekinetic superhero with no shortage of problems. Rectifier is a standalone story in the same setting, where an alien ship crashed several years ago. Since then people have been developing super powers. Rectifier reveals an important part of how that’s happening, and hints at more to come.




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