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Frequently Asked Questions


Who Are We ?

BookGobbler is an independent  website aimed to offer free giveaways of books from authors to readers, and generate reviews from readers to authors.

Do you Charge money for this service?

The service is 100% Free for readers, we only ask for a review to be posted either on Goodreads, or Amazon (with a copy submitted on this website) for every eBook you have received from us. It can be a short review.

Authors at the moment can list giveaways free of charge, but as our readership grows we reserve the right to ask for a symbolic fee to help with the operational cost.

Why try to compete with all the big guns such as Amazon and NetGalley?

Websites like NetGalley, which already have an established readership, are asking for inflated fees from authors in order to list books. A single title on such services can cost 500$ to list for a mere week, with no promise of reviews or exposure. This fact makes these platforms a playground for big publishers only. A the same time, some book reviewers’ demands are unreasonable, asking for fees to review and advertise novels. BookGobbler has set out to be fair to new writers while keeping an honest price-list according to its readership, equal to all (currently free as stated).

Will you take on Self-Published Writers?

We want new authors to be able to get the same exposure as the big publishers. We welcome indie authors, and will keep a ratio of a minimum of 20% self-published books at all times, if supply permits.

I’m a reviewer, Why can’t I get more than 2 books at-a-time?

While we want each of our readers to review as many books as possible, we already have encountered many users who request titles, and leave them on their “To-Read” list. While we accept that reading habits differ from one reader to the other, we still work on a first-come-first-serve basis for eBook giveaways, and the above practice can result in a handful of users ‘snatching up’ all the titles and never actually getting around to reviewing them.
Once you’ve posted a review of the title you have received, you are welcome to move on and ask for the next one (or two). Note – Paperback raffles are not limited and you can sign up to all of the running giveaways, for the raffle.

Why can’t I simply log in and download titles myself?

This has to do with the fact that BookGobbler is a free service, and we are still building up our base readership. We hope that once this website has more traffic, we would be able to afford a more sophisticated platform, which will allow each user and author to manage their content online. At the moment, things are done manually by our staff, and due to the massive traffic we’re experiencing, titles may reach you delayed.

What if I’m a KDP Select Member-Authot?

If your title is participating in Kindle Unlimited/KDP Select – it is Amazon’s declared policty that eBooks should be offered to reviewers only. It is unclear whether the concept of BookGobbler defies this rule or not, and though none of our participating authors had ever been approached or reprimanded by Amazon, listing a giveway is on the author’s own risk (please read our full T&Cs).
We are allowing an option to list a paperback-only giveway, in which readers who express interest in reviewing the eBook, are being contacted by us, at the end of the giveaway. If we get their consent, we will pass their names/email-addresses directly to the author for reviewing purposes. This allows an author to raffle paperbacks, while not entirely missing out on the potential of getting eBook reviews, while staying in line with KDP’s policy.

I’ve listed a giveaway and I changed my mind, what now?

We understand that conditions change, and our service is here to help authors, not to cause them distress. We shall gladly change the giveaway/take it down, as long as the promise to raffle paperbacks is fulfilled to existing sign-ups.

Anything else?

Please join us in this quest to help making the book market a fairer place where good readers can get free books, and all authors have a chance to be noticed equally.