Who are we?

BookGobbler.com is a website started by Joni D, a budding author, who has encountered just how hard it is to get honest reviews over the internet. Readers today get so many unsolicited messages and so little content – BookGobbler.com seeks to find readers the best FREE books out there, in exchange for their reviews. Everyone is welcome to sign up!

While other websites are asking for inflated fees from authors to list books and some book reviewers are being rewarded for their coverage, BookGobbler.com has set out to be fair to new writers while keeping an honest price-list according to its readership.
Our price list is published here (to readers too) so they can judge if the level of promotion is acceptable.

At the moment this is still at beta-stages, and the cost to list giveaways stands at: 0

We want new authors to be able to get some exposure as well as the big publishers. We welcome both indie authors, and will keep a ratio of a minimum of 20% self-published books (if available) or small indie publishing housesPlease join us in this quest, and help make the book market a fairer place!

Please read our our terms and conditions, as well as our FAQ. Thanks!