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Dear authors, please read through these guidelines, to get book reviews. Thanks!

Why list a giveaway with us?

We are trying to be an honest and fair platform. The cost for listing a giveaway will always be visible on this website’s main page, and will change in regard to our operational costs and charges, we will also notify of any “price surge” periods if we are extra busy. At the moment, this is a free beta service, we do reserve the right to change the service, terminate it, or charge a fee for future entries.

We give a minimum of 20% representation to self-published authors and small publishing houses at all times (if they are available), thus keeping this fair.

Will it help me get reviews?

Yes, any eBook we give – we request that the reader post an honest Review on Amazon or Goodreads. While we cannot enforce this, readers which will not comply – will not be allowed to register to any new giveaways.
While we don’t ask for reviews for the paperback giveaways, it is guaranteed to show your book to our registered reader base and to generate a buzz (we accept entries from non-registered visitors for paperback giveaways in order to increase your book’s exposure).

Will your team review my book?

We have a team of professional reviewers. They select books from the current giveaways, according to their own personal taste. We cannot guarantee that your title will be chosen, but if it has, we shall include a review on “Honest Reviews” section. *Kind notice – if we feel the review is bad (1-2 star) we most probably choose not to advertise it.

Listing a giveaway is easy as 1-2-3

Please fill in the form below in order to list your giveaway, we encourage to offer both eBook giveaway as well as to raffle 1-5 Paperback between entrants – but this is not mandatory. We do see that giveaways, which include also a paperback raffles, tend to get more attention.

* important notice to KDP Select Members

If your title is participating in Kindle Unlimited/KDP Select – it is Amazon’s declared policty that eBooks should be offered to reviewers only. It is unclear whether the concept of BookGobbler defies this rule or not, and though none of our participating authors have ever been approached to by Amazon, listing a giveway is on the author’s own risk.
We are allowing a new option to list a paperback-only giveway, in which reviewers who express interest in reviewing the eBook, are being approached at the end of the giveaway by us. If we get their consent, we will pass their names/addresses directly to the author for reviewing purposes.

Please note that if you do raffle a physical copy – you have the responsibility to send it anywhere in the world, including to pay for its postage.

I am happy to list an eBook giveaway

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I am happy to raffle some Paperbacks

* Please note that it is the author's responsibility to send the paperbacks ones the raffle had been concluded.
** You are free to limit either giveaway to a certain contry (although we don't recommend you do so) by emailing us to as soon as you've posted this form.

In the event of a "Paperback only" giveaway please consider the following:
Yes Allow readers to express interest in reviewing the eBook, and email me if there are interests.

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Please make sure you have read our full T&C with an emphasize on the Listing a Giveway section. You must have a valid ISBN of a published title in order to list your giveaway. We reserve the right to decline any listing without giving any reason.